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The Water Tower

The Water Tower, the beginning of the centralized water supply in St. Petersburg, was built in 1859–1861 by the architects E.G. Shuberskiy and I.A. Merts.

However, the Tower was properly used not for a long time – the technical progress in the beginning of the ХХ century made the tower “retire”.

In 2001– 2002, Vodokanal implemented capital repair of this grand facility using up-to-date technologies and breathed a new life into the old water tower.

Reconstruction implemented by the architectural bureau “Intercolumnium” was the first experience when the old industrial complex was renewed and started performing new functions in St. Petersburg. Recently it has been one of the most popular architectural trends in the world.

Evgeniy Podgornov, Evgeniy Zakhoroshko and Tatiana Shustrova, the architects of "Intercolumnium", decided to keep historical interior and to move a fire escape staircase and the second lift into a separate annex, they became the main point of reconstruction. The architectural essence of any tower is going up and this glass vertical structure reflects this yearning. The brick building seems to be duplicated losing its “materiality” The glass and metal structure symbolizes an ice column, water flow and in the best way possible comply with the museum theme.

The design of the historical exhibition was developed by the creative team “InterStil” headed by M.V. Dynai. The museum exhibition interior reflects the main idea of their creators: both to keep the tower as an architectural monument and to make it as dynamic and modern as possible.

An unusual fountain installed in the tower's hall - a symbol of Vodokanal of St. Petersburg and the water world in general. This is a perfect etalon of unified beauty and rationalism. In the common city fountains enormous water amounts of drinking water from the water supplying network are consumed, here the limited water volume in closed circle is used: water goes down along the strings and then goes up.

I.A. Merz, Engineer

Old Water Tower

Water Tower after reconstruction

Fountain in the hall of the Water Tower