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The Universe of Water

The aim of the multimedia exhibition “The Universe of Water” located in the former clean water reservoir of the Main Water Treatment Plant close to the Water Tower is to demonstrate, to the fullest extent, the meaning of water for our planet and for the life of each person.

 The complex exhibition includes a great number of elements, each representing a particular aspect of water existence and all establishing a full picture of today's knowledge of water, reflecting traditions of water use and revealing challenges related to preservation of water on the earth.

 The exhibition is based on multimedia technologies, effects, and textually-supplemented spatial objects. Emerging and interchanging images in the big hall, altering sound and light themes surround a spectator with the permanently changing “water-like” atmosphere.

 One of the complex main topics is “Water in Nature”. This section represents the modern knowledge regarding the origin of water on the Earth, its unique features, chemical composition and cycle. Water-kept secrets are unveiled to a visitor via familiarizing with scientific hypothesis and our ancestors’ interpretation of the role of water in the universe.

 The space of this section is attributed by different multimedia exhibits. Each of them provokes vivid associations, ignites creative thinking and wish to find something new in habitual things.

 Different data related to water, literary and scientific expressions and images are plotted on the glass boards surrounding columns. These “cribs” make a kind of the third information layer of the exhibition.

 A separate section of the multimedia complex – “Water in the city” – tells about St.Petersburg and the historically close relationship between this city and water.

 Visitors learn facts about St.Petersburg foundation, its bridges, embankments and channels; floods in the Northern capital; struggle of two elements – fire and water – in the history of the city and fire-fighting water supply; water holidays.

The exhibition enables better understanding of water impact on the architectural image of St.Petersburg, and acquaintance with the sea gate of Russia – island-city of Kronstadt.

In 2013, “The Universe of Water” celebrated five years of operation, and during this time a lot of novelties invaded the multimedia market. Reconstruction using the latest computer technologies was carried out for the exhibition to remain up-to-date and surprising for visitors. In addition, the exhibition was replenished with new items, for example, a modern fire hydrant was added at the request of small visitors, who were interested in comparing today’s process with the old-fashion fire-fighting pumps.

The exhibition was also equipped with a multimedia map of the world, which indicates distribution of fresh and salt water reserves on the planet. Another installation tells about the water-origin of life on Earth. There is now also an interactive model of a person that demonstrates how much water is contained in different organs and tissues of the human body.

The exhibition has several touch-screen tables. For example, on one of them it is possible to learn unusual facts about water simply be popping water bubbles “running” along the touch-table. The other contains information on the water supply and sanitation systems of St.Petersburg since the date of the city foundation up to the present day.

Entrance to the Universe of Water

We not only describe exhibits – we show real chemical experiments

Exhibit of the Universe of Water

Some inhabitants of the Universe of Water

One of the most popular exhibits – Water Globe

It is more convenient to watch the movie while seated on the drop-shaped cushions